How To Boost Your Visibility At Work

5 minutes

Many of us have seen someone less qualified get promoted ahead of us. It hurts, right?! Plus, it’s demotivating.


Often, our career trajectory depends not on technical skills but whether we are visible enough to those in a position to hand out promotion opportunities. So, what can you do to make yourself more visible to those higher up who can influence your career success?


Here are some quick tips to help you land your next promotion:


1️⃣ Showcase Your Expertise: Let people know about your latest successes, including the difficulties you had along the way and how you solved them. Offer legal insights on internal platforms, publish articles and write blog posts. This helps establish you as a valuable resource.


2️⃣ Share the glory: Give credit to the other colleagues who have contributed to successful wins at work and be specific about the work they put into it. This may sound counterintuitive, but it helps those above you see your leadership skills in building talented teams who collaborate effectively. 


3️⃣ Make meaningful connections: It matters who you surround yourself with. Look for people who inspire you and you can learn from. But also, make sure you can be confident in offering something of value back to them. They will become your best advocates. 


4️⃣ Keep Learning: Stay up to date on the latest legal trends and put yourself forward for. relevant workshops, webinars and additional certifications. This is a good way to bring that value to the higher-ups and give you the confidence to connect with those in positions of influence.  


5️⃣ Communicate your value: The ability to communicate effectively is key to most leadership roles. If you can talk with confidence and articulate how your contribution matters, then you will find more career opportunities coming your way. 


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Do you have a tip to add? What helped you land a promotion?