3 Mins

What do most people get wrong about your job?

In recruitment, there are a few misconceptions we hear regularly. Sure, there’s a few bad ‘uns out there like with any job. But some myths are due to not understanding what we do.

So, today we’re armed with our myth-busting right hook and we’re about to take down 3 of the biggest recruitment myths. Get ready to duck!

Myth 1: Recruiters ONLY care about filling the role.

We never want to just fill a role and move on. Sure, placements are an important part, but it’s not all we do. The hiring process takes time we spend sourcing, interviewing, supporting client interviews, managing offers, and finally making a placement. The hiring process leads to future business, so every stage matters to us.

Myth 2: We don’t understand the job we’re recruiting for.

Nope! We are specifically a legal recruitment firm and invest a lot of time making sure we know our niche inside out. This means we can even know more than a candidate or hiring manager. We dig deep into the details.

Myth 3: We don’t care about long-term relationships

Absolutely not true! Our entire business relies on building relationships and trust with both clients and candidates. We know word-of-mouth matters. Bad feedback gets around. The candidate and client experience before and after placing someone in a role is vital.

Written by Jason Connolly