Mastering the Exit Interview

5 minutes

👋 The exit interview matters.

But not every law firm conducts them or uses the information they get.


Here’s why we think they’re a great idea, if the information is acted on.


An exit interview is a chance to gain a real insight into past mistakes and make things better in the future. There might be a need to change processes, introduce new policies or encourage changes in behaviour. The lessons learnt can improve the company culture. It’s also a useful way to understand how to keep staff in the future.


Don’t dismiss negative exit interview comments as merely disgruntled ex-employees with an axe to grind. Instead, gather the data and constructive criticism from each exit interview and look for patterns, recurring issues and areas where you can improve. It can help with future recruitment too.


For the employee, an exit interview is a chance to address the reasons behind leaving and hope your reasons are taken on board. You may have positive experiences with teams or leaders you want to highlight. For negative experiences, tell them about past issues and be honest, but stick to facts not emotions. If you can, leave on a positive note and try not to break potentially useful future contacts. Law can be a small world sometimes.


Do you think exit interviews are worthwhile?