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My name is Sean Nicholson and I am the managing legal recruitment consultant and Head of London desk at JMC Legal.

I worked as a travel rep for Thomson in Spain, Greece & Austria after university and joined JMC Legal on return.

I joined because of the story behind, Jason Connolly (CEO and Founder) billing £1million a year, which by recruitment standards is unheard of.

Jason personally trains every consultant to understand the foundations of recruitment that he developed in order to and the opportunity to join a small business with plenty of growth potential was something I couldn’t turn down. I believed that joining JMC would change my life if I applied myself. I think it came down to seeing what this could do for me 2-5 years down the line as I had never had an opportunity to earn really good money before.

Career progression has been great, we have grown so quickly which has meant I have had to grow as well. I did not think I would be in the position I am now 2 years ago.

The people that work here are one of the best parts of JMC. Obviously earning great money and running a team, watching team members grow and start building great relationships and adding real value to clients is a huge positive of working here. I joined JMC, straight from TUI on a salary of £18,000. This year with commission I am expecting to earn £150k+.

This role has changed my life 360 – from working abroad as a holiday rep to now owning my own house and being able to have a great life outside of work. It has also changed me as a person as people now rely on me to point them in the right direction and assist them with helping new clients etc.

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Sean Nicholson - Managing Consultant & Head of London. 0203 865 2113 & (