Legal Recruitment Trends in 2024

5 minutes

As the legal landscape continues to grow and change, job seekers we’ve picked out a few insights to help you navigate the current job market.


1️⃣  Remote Work Dynamics: The pandemic catalysed a shift towards remote work in law. Now, we’re also seeing the hybrid work option mixing office and home working which aims to balance the benefits of both. So, when you explore job opportunities, consider your remote work preferences. 


2️⃣  AI platforms: While just over a third in the legal profession were using AI in 2023, this is growing all the time and already we’re seeing artificial intelligence being used to produce briefs, analyse contracts, speed up research and streamline everyday tasks. It’s worth keeping up to speed with this growing technology.


3️⃣ Brand Awareness: Many smaller legal firms are honing their messaging and looking to grow their status with bigger marketing pushes and offering useful content that establishes their firm as leaders in the industry. This works to both attract clients and lawyers. Make sure you explore a firm’s marketing strategy to get an idea of the work culture. 


Have additional tips or insights on the trends you’re seeing so far this year? Drop them in the comments below!