Clip #1 - Special Episode of The Career Success Podcast w/ Shaun Wallace & Jason Connolly

“So I remember, I was looking up on the ceiling and seeing all the illustrious lawyers of the years gone by and I asked myself; What am I gonna be doing in ten years time, twenty years time? And two things I said to myself was this – No matter what I achieve in my career, you’ve got to be yourself as a lawyer. You can’t imitate anybody, you can obviously look to lawyers who actually are eloquent, brilliant at their field and try and take bits of their brilliance trying to craft into your own way of presenting. At the end of the day, you got to present your law through yourself, because anything else would be simply fake.”

In this special episode of the Career Success podcast we speak to ITV’s, The Chase, Shaun Wallace. Shaun was the first ever Chaser Globally. This episode is uplifting and inspiring, this is the story of one man's journey as a son of immigrants to fulfilling his own dream. This episode is made in collaboration with The Law Society.