Evidence-based Interviews

5 minutes

Got a legal job interview coming up? Time to gather up your evidence and present a compelling case to the panel. 🔎


You can guarantee your interviewers have done their homework and have given your CV a thorough assessment ahead of your interview. So expect questions designed to draw out more detail on your work experience and skills.


So, treat your interview like you’re prepping for a case and make sure you have the facts at your fingertips.


  • Think about the challenges you've faced, the role your played in successful outcomes, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.


  • Quantify your achievements where possible too, because numbers backing up your statements are compelling. 📊 Make those accomplishments tangible.


  • Also, be prepared to discuss your problem-solving approach, have examples of teamwork, and when you’ve been able to adapt to a changing situation.


Your evidence is not just a collection of documents. This is your professional story, so present it with the clarity and confidence you’d present evidence in a case.


Good luck! 🤞And we’re always here for you if you’re looking to land your next interview. Check out our latest available positions here.