Jump Start the Job Hunt

5 minutes

✨📃✨ How do you make your CV stand out in a competitive legal market?


Job hunting can be tough, particularly at the start of your legal career.


Even natural “go-getters” can find it demoralising putting themselves and their CV out there repeatedly.  


So, is there anything you can do to your CV to boost your career chances?




Your CV is a marketing tool, so max out its marketing potential:


  1. Your CV summary is your elevator pitch, so dazzle with your talent, your achievements and why you’re a natural fit for the role.
  2. Put some oomph in your language. Phrases like “helped with” “worked with” are dull and weak. Use stronger action words like “collaborated”, “fostered”, “inspired”.
  3. Check it scans. Can someone get a sense of who you are and what you offer in a 20 second glance? Aim for a clear layout and short sentences without jargon.
  4. Get the facts and figures in there. Lawyers like evidence, so provide plenty of proof for your claims.
  5. Focus on action, not detail. Keep the attention on what you did, don’t let the surrounding context take up valuable CV space.  

If you’re looking for a legal job, get your CV over to us and let’s see what we can do for you.


What would you add to our CV boosting list here?