Crafting The Perfect Follow-up Email

5 minutes

After your legal interview, what’s your next move?

Is it grabbing a coffee and a debrief?

Getting straight out of formal clothing and into pyjamas?


While you’re relaxing post-interview, don’t miss one last chance to make a positive impression. This is where the follow-up “thank you” email comes in. Here’s how to get it right:

📧 Send a short, clear and friendly email one day after the interview addressed to the hiring manager, thanking them for the opportunity to interview. 

📧 Include the date of the interview, role you were interviewing for and reference a couple of subject matters that were brought up too. This will help them remember you from other candidates.

📧 End the email with an invitation for them to reply or contact you.

Resist the urge to chase up when you might find out if you’ve secured the role or not. That follow-up email should be separate and only sent once the deadline date for finding out has passed. 

This email is reaffirming your interest and enthusiasm for the role you’ve just interviewed for. This is a personal touch that doesn’t guarantee success but might just sway the odds a little more in your favour. 

If you really want this role, this email is a savvy move that helps you stand out from the other interviewees.

Are you a fan of this approach? Drop a comment if you have any follow-up email tips. ⬇️