Why work with a Legal Recruiter?

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Why work with a Legal Recruiter?

With the demand for lawyers remaining high across the majority of practice areas, it is only natural to question whether working with a recruiter is worth your while. There are numerous benefits of working with a recruiter – not just to find your next role, but to create a long-term partnership throughout your professional journey. I have outlined below some of the key advantages of partnering with a specialist legal recruiter as you navigate your career.

Tailored career advice and planning:

As a legal recruiter, I’ve had the privilege of assisting candidates throughout their career journey. Whether you are a trainee eyeing up your first qualified role in your dream practice area & firm or a partner looking to move your practice to a firm that aligns with your personality and ambition, I understand the wants and needs at all stages of your career. I can guide you on the path that maximises your potential and fast tracks your career trajectory, provide insights on where your skills will be best placed, how you can excel within your current firm, and where to focus your efforts. This allows you to make informed decisions and helps you to achieve your career goals.


By working with a recruiter, you can rest assured that your personal information and career are handled with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. How is this different from going it alone? Firstly, recruiters can approach their clients on your behalf without revealing your identity, to gauge the hiring partner’s interest before divulging further information. Secondly, we have agreements in place that bind our clients to treat your information with sensitivity and confidentiality. You deserve peace of mind during your journey, knowing that your career moves are kept under wraps until the time is right.

Market Insight/Knowledge:

I have in-depth conversations with lawyers, partners, and recruitment teams on a weekly basis, giving me unrivalled insight into the legal market. I have up to date insights on market trends, salary ranges, demand fluctuations across practice areas, and the qualities firms look for in candidates. Not only is this information interesting for you to know, but it also empowers you to properly assess your current situation. I’m always happy to have informal chats with lawyers who want a clearer picture of the market, regardless of whether you are actively seeking a move or not.

With this insider knowledge, you can make well-informed decisions about your career trajectory. I can provide invaluable advice on the perfect timing for a move, which practice areas/sectors are experiencing growth, and which firms align best with your skills and ambitions. Recruiters can get a bad rap, but a good recruiter will always be honest with you on all of these points, allowing you to make truly informed decisions.

Stronger negotiating power:

Discussions around salary can make some feel uncomfortable, and there’s also a lack of understanding of the parts of a package that can be negotiated on. As a recruiter, I have negotiated literally 100s of offers over the years, so I have extensive experience in negotiating on behalf of candidates. Not only can I tell you when an offer is strong, but I can advise you on the best course of action if it falls short. This ties into the insider knowledge, recruiters know exactly what your value in the market is, and we work with you and our clients to ensure you receive what you are worth.

Long-term career partnership:

A legal recruiter can be a trusted career partner throughout your professional journey. Speaking from experience, recruiters can provide ongoing support, advice, and assistance in navigating career transitions, securing promotions, or exploring lateral moves. There is often a perception that recruiters are looking for quick wins, but in reality, we aim to partner with our clients and candidates for the long term. When you need guidance, you will have a professional ally to offer support throughout your career, from trainee to partner and beyond.

Working with a recruiter offers you numerous advantages when it comes to advancing your career. The partnership with a legal recruiter can prove instrumental in achieving your long-term career goals. By leveraging specialist knowledge and established networks/connections with hiring partners and law firms, you can confidently take control of your career path, make informed decisions, and seize exciting opportunities.

If you would like to have a confidential and informal chat to learn more about the points raised in this article, or if you are considering your options currently, please don’t hesitate to drop me us line on LinkedIn or give us a call: 02038652113