The Job Hunt Job

5 minutes

How do you approach the job hunt if you’re currently out of work?


Is it a scattergun approach of looking at every law firm everywhere all at once? Or do you keep it super-casual and glance occasionally at the competition and just hope the dream legal job floats in front of your eyes over a coffee?


Neither is the best approach if you’re serious about looking for a new job. Instead, you should treat the job hunt like another job and give it the commitment it deserves.


That means planning your strategy, researching law firms and making your approach the best it can be.


It all starts with writing and revising your CV and then tailoring it to fit the job you’re going for. Every CV should be personalised to target the specific job. It’s also a good idea to get your LinkedIn profile spruced up with the latest employment information and with any endorsements, recommendations or testimonials.


It’s also important to research the company and its competition so you can be sure the job and company are a good fit before you apply, and then show how well you know the firm and their biggest cases and competitors at the interview stage.


Then, just when you thought you had the evening to relax, don’t forget to look at networking opportunities. They could be in person or online and give you a chance to put your name out there and help people to know you’re on the lookout for a new position.


Just don’t let this dedication turn into the scattergun approach though where you burn yourself out applying for everything. Keep your search focussed on the jobs you really want.


And we’re right here too, with fantastic legal opportunities. So, give us a call to find out more.