Streamlining Recruitment

5 minutes

Have you ever lost a talented lawyer to a rival before you’ve offered them a job?

When you find a top legal candidate who you know is a great fit for your firm, it pays to move quickly. But the entire interview process—from advertising a position to offering the job, to their first day in the office—can be frustratingly slow. In the meantime, other law firms may well tempt them.

So, how do you tackle this?

One way is to streamline your recruitment process and give candidates a clear timeframe for the entire interview process from the outset. Include final application dates, interview stages, and a date for when you expect to make an offer.

Just this information can be enough to help ease worries and instil confidence in your process. It also helps you, as a company, avoid prolonging decisions, help interviewers plan and prepare questions and keeps your recruitment process transparent.

Not sure where to streamline? Here are some tips:

1.Identify your current bottlenecks: What’s slowing you down right now?

2.Find out which tasks can be automated.

3.Make sure those involved have the same timeframe.

4.Identify where you have recurring problems in recruiting.

5.Ensure you keep in essential checks and maximise internal opportunities and employee referrals.

If you’re looking to advertise a position, get in touch with us and we’ll help you make the right impression and find top candidates.