Simple but Common Job Hunting Errors

5 minutes

So, you handed in your CV for your dream job, but haven’t heard back?

These are some of the simple, but all too common, reasons you might miss out:


  1. Did you check your contact details are up to date?

This is ‌a common mistake. Sometimes we update our CV with the latest job but forget to check the contact details are still current. After a couple of tries of ringing a wrong phone number, or emailing an address that bounces back, a hiring manager or recruiter will move on to someone else.


  1. Did you ignore that withheld number?

When you get a call from a number you don’t recognise, or one that says ‘withheld number’, you may be wary of answering it. But if you’ve handed in a CV for multiple jobs, it’s possible this is the call you’ve been waiting for. Recruiters will leave a message, but if you can, pick up these calls.


  1. Have you checked for voicemail messages?

We get it. Lawyers are busy and can’t always answer calls about a potential job while at work. So, check your voicemail. You may have an exciting interview offer waiting.



  1. Are you looking in your junk folder?

If someone cannot get you on the phone, they may try your email and ask you to call them back. But instead of it arriving in your inbox, it lands in your junk or spam folder. A simple daily check can make all the difference.


  1. Still deciding whether to go ahead before calling back?

Don’t wait too long. Interviews are being lined up and applications close. It’s good to check whether a company is the right fit, but if you spend too much time deciding, you might miss your chance.


These are all simple mistakes, but ones we see often as recruiters. We don’t want you to miss out on a golden opportunity. So give yourself the best chance. We’re here to work with you and make it happen.