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Hello on Jason Connelly, CEO of JMC legal recruitment and I wanted to make this video to speak to all experience recruitment consultants in Bristol. We currently busy and thriving and we've just had our biggest ever billing month and we're looking for experienced recruiters to join the team. We've got a number of really lucrative opportunities on very warm desks but after potential to build upwards of 250,000 in year one which means there's great earning potential, we ranked number one on Google for the search term legal recruitment. And we've got one of the biggest London teams in the whole of the legal recruitment market based out of Bristol. Most experienced recruiters have joined us have at least doubled their Billings in the first 12 months in JMC legal. How do we do that? It's partly down to the mentor ring. We give people we don't just train people, we mentor them and work with them to help them achieve their career aspirations. We train people not just on the technical aspects of recruitment but also the psychology how to communicate emotional intelligence. And how to work with very senior level candidates? The majority of all of our fees come way over 10,000. We've also had a recent number of fees for 2030, forty even, even, thousands. The quality of work that we deal with is exceptional. We work with a great client base of not just law firms but also for C-250 companies. We were modern organisation and we use the very latest in technology in order to do recruitment, which means our consultants are more streamlined, more efficient. And have more time to make money. We also have a fantastic administration team which takes a lot of the administration pain points away from the recruitment process. JMC's mission, quite simply, is to become the number one boutique recruitment brands in the whole of the globe. You might be in a position at the moment where you're looking for a pathway for progression. We were growing business. We're about to relocate to a larger office and we can order a real springboard for career progression. Whether it be you want to be a manager or some of, it's just an excellent bill are we can offer you a pathway to take your career to the next level. We have a positive working environment that's totally refreshing, inspiring, and liberating when you come into the JMC office, it's very much a success. Breeds success, culture. What you'll also find when you come into JMC is our consultants bill at a high level, an extremely competent. What this means is we've been working all as a unit together. There's a lot of cross pollination. And we work as a team, which might sound obvious, but we work as a team more than I've ever seen at any agency. The majority of our deals are split, which means the consultants will work with one another to open up more doors. And it's this unique way of working which is really got us notice in the market at JMC. We're not just connected to our clients, law firms and in-house clients. We also have a network or an extended network of self made millionaires. Entrepreneur business leaders. So we've got expertise we can tap into all the time. Also, we've got access to a wide variety of different mentors, so if a consultant comes into the business and wants a certain skillset, wants to spend time with a certain person, our network is absolutely thriving. We can put people in touch with people who can help them advance in their careers. Further, if you do want to find out more about what we're doing in Bristol and what life at JMC is like, please do get in touch. You can contact me on the following email address, which is Jason. At