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Why work at JMC?


At JMC, more opportunity. More potential.

We work with innovative businesses, whether it being top-flight law firms, or some of the most exciting business in the UK and Internationally.

At JMC progression isn’t about how long you have worked for the company; it is about you as an individual and your personal performance. We take the time to work in partnership with you, whether it’s our training by our CEO, Jason Connolly who is a £1million pa biller, or our on-going mentoring and buddying from senior members of the team. We will work with you to achieve your career aspirations.

We have a tried and tested top-tier training programme which has a proven track record of taking individuals on a journey from trainee recruitment consultants, right through to managers. We have a track record of taking individuals with no recruitment or legal experience, on a journey to earning £100k+.