Why only 20% of Lawyers Achieve their Full Potential w/ Jason Connolly & Bill Carmody

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In this very fascinating and interesting special episode titled “Why only 20% of Lawyers (and people) achieve their full potential (and how you can achieve yours)”

This episode is thought provoking and guaranteed to uplift your mood.

We are joined by Bill Carmody from New York City. Bill Carmody, Corporate Trainer and Mental Fitness Coach Bill Carmody has had some epic adventures. From becoming a Top 100 sales influencer to standing next to Tony Robbins as he rung the opening bell for NASDAQ to dropping 50 pounds and finishing in the top 50% in his first 104.6 mile Ironman. (He was even flown to Brazil to interview Sir Richard Branson).

Bill Carmody has founded and successfully exited two highly profitable and award-winning multi-million dollar marketing agencies.

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