The Career Success Podcast w/ Zack Ballinger & Jason Connolly

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A truly inspiring listen covering everything from mental health, the effect of stress on your physical health, how to conquer and succeed when it comes to job interviewing as well as the huge benefits of personal branding and networking.

In this episode we are joined by Zack Ballinger from Atlanta, in the US.

Zack is a motivational speaker, podcast host, career consultant and author of; The Hot Seat: How to Meet the Challenge of a New Era in Job Interviewing.

As well as all of that Zack is a TEDX speaker that helps people find their career direction. Zack teaches numerous career development topics. From the stage he brings a passion that is contagious, an energy that’s undeniable, and innovative ideas that work in today’s new complex world.

Featured regularly at The University of Tennessee, Zack has also been featured by the Huffington Post, NBC, CBS, Tri-City Times, Morgan County News, Jane Jackson Careers, and several other key outlets.

#careersuccess #interviews #careers