The Career Success Podcast w/ Lynda Ulrich & Jason Connolly

Dr. Lynda Ulrich from Vermont, Canada, is the founder of Ever Widening Circles (EWC), a Positive Global Media Company that began publishing articles in 2014 about remarkable insights and innovation going uncelebrated. Now she is on a mission to bring us all together around an enormous wave of goodness and progress well underway in the world that almost no one knows about. She’s calling that global wave The Conspiracy of Goodness. Dr. Lynda is being interviewed by news media around the world about the opening of a new era.

Her bestselling book, positive news website, app, podcast, education website, TEDx Talk, public speaking & consulting website, and the recently launched Conspiracy of Goodness Network, are all helping to do just that. Dr. Lynda came at this task as an outsider: a dentist, mother of three, ordinary web-user, artist and global traveler for decades. The two unique characteristics she brought to this task are fearless curiosity and the ability to find a light in every human being.

Many unusual life experiences allowed her to ignore the rules and assumptions of those in the trenches of the online world and reimagine what was possible with the amazing tool that the internet offers us all. As the ultimate kind of connector, Dr. Lynda sees possibility everywhere and is an expert in fitting seemingly stray parts together; instincts sharpened by a life as a global traveler, exceptional artist, and early adopter of technology. Dr. Lynda has devoted her professional life to finding inspiring ways to keep the humanity in healthcare. And now she is speaking to thought leaders around the world every week who are making the world a better place in astonishing ways.

Her gift is in synthesizing their genius into narratives, ideas, and connections that can change our shared future. Dr. Lynda’s work proves, unequivocally, that it is STILL an amazing world. ***In November, 2020, Dr. Lynda was the closing speaker for one of the oldest, most well attended TEDx events in the country: TEDx Naperville. In her 12-minute talk, Exposing the Conspiracy of Goodness, she introduces us all to a vision of the future that can be ours with 4 simple shifts.