The Career Success Podcast w/ John Seigal & Jason Connolly

A great episode for aspiring trainee solicitors, some really good advice, especially on how to secure a training contract.

In this episode we are joined by John Seigal from Clintons Solicitors. Clintons were the early pioneers of media and entertainment law. John shares his story with us about the firms history, evolution and his career journey.

John qualified as a solicitor in 1984.He joined Clintons in 1987 and remains with them 34 years on. John became a Partner in 1988 and having completed an advance course in management became the Managing Partner in 1997.

A year ago John voluntarily stepped down as Managing Partner but still plays a key role in the management of Clintons and remains the firms COFA.

John takes a particular interest in the Trainee recruitment and interview process which involves reviewing all of the many hundreds of applications received. A number of the current Partners at the firm were originally recruited by John as trainees and he regards this as a particular career highlight together with the fact that on his watch no equity partner left the firm to join a competitor.

During his tenure as MP and through several recessions, Clintons saw year on year sustained and increased growth and profits.


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