The Career Success Podcast w/ Jason Connolly & Stuart Kaye

In this episode, we speak to the Co-Director of a highly successful conveyancing firm based in the City of London. We talk about his unusual route into legal and how working in the theatre gave him the people skills he needed to succeed in law.

Stuart Kaye is the Co-Founder of Adams Kaye Solicitors.

Stuart left school at the tender age of 17, with no A-levels, and modest GCSES. Throughout secondary school, his entire world revolved around theatre stage lighting, where he was destined to study stage lighting design at college after school.

However, a different path took him to a tiny law firm in the West End, as a junior administrator. It was here that his boss took a shine to him and his work ethic and encouraged him to study law, which he did, all self-taught from home, distance learning. The only time Stuart ever went to university was to sit the Licensed Conveyance exams. Fast-forward quite a few years, Stuart recently co-founded a boutique property law firm in the City of London, which started just 2 years ago with just himself and his co-director, to now employing 20 staff, and with plans for national growth.