The Career Success Podcast: How to build a community that builds your brand w/ Ewa Pietreniuk

In this special episode titled “How to build a community that builds your brand” we speak to Ewa Pietreniuk from London.

Ewa is a Personal Brand Communication Specialist with a passion for helping solopreneurs and service providers leverage their personal brand online to create business and personal success.

Ewa believes having a Personal Brand isn’t nice to have anymore. If you don’t want to be left behind, it’s a necessity. She combines both Personal Brand Expertise and Communication knowledge.

Ewa’s work in underpinned by her empathetic nature and interest in behavioural psychology. Today, she merges all of that to create a unique approach that helps you build your personal brand online. Ewa has done it for others, she’s done it for herself and she knows how to teach you too.

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