Special Episode of The Career Success Podcast w/ Shaun Wallace (The Dark Destroyer) & Jason Connolly

In this special episode of the Career Success podcast we speak to ITV’s, The Chase, Shaun Wallace. Shaun was the first ever Chaser Globally. This episode is uplifting and inspiring, this is the story of one man's journey as a son of immigrants to fulfilling his own dream. This episode is made in collaboration with Law Gazette Jobs.

Shaun is an English Barrister and senior criminal defence advocate of 37 years with experience in a wide range of serious criminal cases from Murder – in particular Operation Trident cases where he is highly regarded, manslaughter, serious sexual offences, fraud, money laundering, firearms and drug trafficking.

Shaun has lectured in Environmental Law, Health and Safety and Road Transport Law and Regulations. In addition, he is familiar with all aspects of the Proceeds of Crime Act, including restraint, confiscation and enforcement. Shaun frequently leads in multi-handed cases.

In 2004, Shaun won Mastermind and was ranked 286th in the World Quizzing Championships. Shaun is well known as being a "chaser" on the ITV quiz show The Chase. He also has a book published (2008), Shaun Wallace, chasing the dream.

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