JMC Legal Recruitment | Career planning for 2021: live career Q&A with The Law Society

Watch a recording of our live career Q&A webinar held on 23 February 2021, 10am to 11am.

Key Moments

4:46 What is the best way to secure a remote in-house role

7:32 Important elements of a career plan

10:50 I would like to secure a hybrid role

13:33 Should I be approaching

23:08 Should I be approaching...

23:08 Do I need to tailor every Cover letter to...

23:24 Cover letter

34:53 What are the key ways to get a new...

44:30 Looking for a mentor how does one go...

45:39 How do you find a mentor

47:42 How do I go about securing such jobs

57:23 How do I move to family law