Clip #3 - Special Episode of The Career Success Podcast w/ Shaun Wallace & Jason Connolly

In this special episode of the Career Success podcast we speak to ITV’s, The Chase, Shaun Wallace. Shaun was the first ever Chaser Globally. This episode is uplifting and inspiring, this is the story of one man's journey as a son of immigrants to fulfilling his own dream. This episode is made in collaboration with The Law Society.

“I use my transferable skills as a barrister to be the best I could be. Because the law teaches you to remain calm, it teaches you to think on your feet, it teaches you to react under pressure and it teaches you to be calm under pressure. And for me, you know sitting in the seat at the mastermind grand final, was fairly relaxing for me because if I can appear in court in front of the sternest judges in the land. Sitting in a black chair answering questions with twenty million people watching you is a doddle.”