Your Job Identity

2 Mins

How much is work wrapped up in your sense of self?

It’s no surprise we often define a large part of ourselves by what we do to bring the money in.

We work hard and value hardworking people because we link it to a good life and a sense of purpose. Even billionaires don’t quit when their bank balance is overflowing.

Without us even noticing, our work lives and home lives entwine, and you end up thinking and talking about work 24/7.

This is especially true of lawyers who often work long hours and need to prove their engagement and commitment to the job.

Our jobs can end up defining us.

Is that such a bad thing??"

The problem arises when we face a career obstacle. Job changes and even redundancies are common on a modern career path. So, if our sense of values and worth come solely from our jobs, everything shatters when something bad happens.

Ultimately, doing work you love is a good thing. But it’s also important to break the link between happiness and work achievement.

For some, the disruption to work caused by the pandemic led to a re-evaluation of the importance of life outside work. New friends, new hobbies, new values.

The key is to recognise your work achievements and how far you’ve come. And do the same for your home life too. Work is just one part of your whole life.

Written by Jason Connolly