Work the Room

10 minutes

🤝 How good are you at networking?

 Do you get tongue tied at the prospect of chatting to solicitors, recruiters, law firm partners?

 You’re not alone. Few of us are comfortable with the idea of having to sell ourselves to others.

 So don’t think of networking as a quick fix contact-gathering exercise, but a chance to make valuable connections with people you share common values with. That dream job may just come through a networking contact who thinks of you when they’re asked if they know of anyone.

 Sourcing new business opportunities and attending company events is all part of a lawyer’s job. So, here are six tips on how to network well in the legal field, online or in-person:

 Be your friendly and authentic self: If you show your real personality, people are more likely to remember you.

  1. Practise your elevator pitch. Nail a short and sweet description of who you are and what you do, so you make a good first impression.
  2. Bring a lawyer friend with you: If you feel too nervous to attend in-person events alone, take someone along who can help you mingle. You’re also likely to meet people in each other’s networks too.
  3. Listen actively: It’s not all about the talk. Take care to listen to others and engage with what they’re saying. Avoid talking over people to get your point across.
  4. Keep it light: Think about interesting topics of conversation. It could be your hobbies and interests, a new legal tv show, or a (not too controversial) legal story in the news. 
  5. Follow up: Remember to exchange details at the networking event and follow it up with a “nice to meet you” message. Keep in touch periodically but don’t bombard them with emails and calls.

 Networking is about building relationships and creating future opportunities. So go forth and expand your network!

 ❓ What’s your least favourite network moment? Any tips on the worst thing you can do at such an event? We’d love to know. 👇