Top work perks

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More than half of British workers have searched for a new job in the last 12 months.


So what are the benefits that attract potential employees?


According to a new survey by Medicash of 2,000 British workers, these two are the most important benefits when looking for a new job:


1.Salary (45%)

2. Flexible working (42%)


This reflects similar surveys covering the UK, France, Germany and the US that either put salary at the top or have flexible working as the number one perk. But what are some of the other perks people look for?


Here are the remaining benefits that make it into the Top 10:


3. The ability to work from anywhere (25%)

4. Opportunities for promotion and rising through the ranks (22%)

5. A health plan or wellbeing benefits (20%)

6. Great colleagues (19%)

7. Good sick pay (14%)

8. Friendly and understanding bosses (13%)

9. A four-day week (10%)

10. Extensive training on the job (8%)


So, is this also reflected in the more traditional legal sector?


A report last year by the International Bar Association showed young lawyers want a sensible work-life balance and will walk away from jobs if they feel overworked. Another concern was a lack of mentors and promotion opportunities.


More law firms now recognise that a big wage alone is not always enough to attract the right talent and will have a wider benefits package. They are also more likely than ever before to consider remote working, with many allowing hybrid working with three days spent in the office.


So what are the perks you like or think are pretty pointless?