The Stay Interview

3 Mins

The stay interview has arrived, and it’s here to err…stay!

Heard of it?

You’ve probably heard of the exit interview where you find out why someone is quitting. The stay interview gets ahead of that process and asks current employees what motivates them to stick around and what support they need.

Listening to employees' motivations for working is good for retention and office culture. Afterall, you’re listening.

It’s an opportunity to spot potential problems early before they become bigger issues. It also helps you keep hold of talent by helping them set goals and stretching their skills.

But a formal interview may not be the best approach to truly honest and open conversations. A less formal and more relaxed approach such as workshops or arranging a chat over coffee may be more fruitful.

Be prepared for answering questions they may have on their progress. And they may have requests you then have to either deliver on or explain why that can’t happen.

So, what information should an employer get from a ‘stay interview’?

>> Find out why your employee joined the company in the first place.

>> How do they see their future at the company?

>> What can the business do to retain them?

>> What do they want to do more of? Or less?

>> What would it take for them to leave the company?

But don’t just ask questions. This is also a time for you to talk about your own perspective, so it’s a two-way dialogue.

A stay interview shouldn’t be a last-ditch attempt to hold onto a star employee who you feel is about to leave. It should happen every six months or so, because circumstances fluctuate, projects change and roles shift.

Written by Jason Connolly