The Lawyers Metaverse

3 Mins

Have you donned a virtual headset for a tax meeting with a client yet?  

The idea of lawyers suddenly donning virtual headsets to do their work in the new Metaverse may seem a bit far-fetched today, but tomorrow…who knows?!

Mark Zuckerberg calls the world where we all do business, socialise and play games in a digital world the “successor to the mobile internet”.

Some of you might remember a similar digital world attracting big business and investment in the early 2000s called Second Life. With shops, law firms and media companies setting up virtual spaces, they quickly closed them when the customers didn’t come. 

So, is the Metaverse heading for the same fate? It’s hard to know right now, but that hasn’t stopped some from attracting headlines by being the first to give it a try.

McDonalds has filed trademarks for a virtual restaurant that’ll deliver food. And accountancy firm PwC has bought up real estate on the virtual world, The Sandbox.

In the US, Washington-based law firm Aren't Fox is the first law firm to go into the Metaverse and set up a virtual office.

"Arent Fox has a long history of advising companies at the forefront of new technology trends – and leading as an early adopter in those trends. This includes being one of the first major law firms with a website on the internet" - Anthony V. Lupo.

 Written by Jason Connolly