The Gap Between Lawyers and Law Firms

5 minutes

What do talented legal eagles look for in a law firm? 🔍


Many law firms think they have the answer and they’ve held onto it for decades. But as legal recruiters we can often see a mismatch between what a law firm offers and what today’s lawyers actually want from their employers. Let's delve into this dynamic:


 What some law firms believe lawyers want:


  • Prestige and Reputation: Many firms may believe this matters most. But often lawyers seek a deeper reason to choose a firm beyond the brand.


  • High Compensation: Money always matters, but the entire compensation package including work-life balance, benefits and professional development come into it too.


  • Traditional Work Structure: The traditional hierarchy may be loved by those at the top, but many lawyers, even well-established ones, seek supportive work spaces with opportunities for collaboration.


What talented lawyers actually want:


  • Culture and Values: We see more and more lawyers wanting to be part of a workplace that aligns with their personal values and encourages a positive working environment.


  • Work-Life Integration: The demand for work-life balance and flexible working arrangements is definitely on the rise.


  • Professional Development: Moving jobs can be a huge step for many lawyers, so knowing they’re stepping into a firm that will invest in their future is very attractive.


We’re here to help bridge the gap between law firms and lawyers on the hunt for the next career move. Communication is key. Seek feedback, talk to your legal team and look at how you can meet the wants of top talent. We’re also here to help, so call us and let’s find you the best talent out there!