The Elevated Cover Letter

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How confident are you that your cover letter works?


Here are some basics:

> Make it 1 page long (unless instructed otherwise).

> Tailor it to the job.

> Researched the firm thoroughly.

> Don’t send out identical cover letters only changing the key details (it’s easy to spot those).


But how do you elevate a cover letter for a legal role to the next level?


Avoid simply including piles of facts to show you’ve done your research. Your CV is for facts, your cover letter is the narrative. It’s a sales pitch that includes your very best examples. Use the Point, Evidence Explain (P.E.E) method. Make a point, back it up with evidence, explain why it matters.


Also, this is a two–way relationship. It’s not just about what you get out of working for them, but what they get from choosing you.


Here’s an example structure you could follow to ensure you get the balance right:


📝 Paragraph 1: The Introduction

Write your introductory paragraph explaining who you are, why the organisation should care, and why you’re applying for the role. Include standout details such as any awards.


📝 Paragraph 2: Why Them

Demonstrate why you’ve chosen their organisation. Maybe you’ve spoken to employees and understand their ethos. Perhaps you have relevant experience. Maybe high-profile clients or global links are of particular interest. Pinpoint what’s motivating you to apply to them.


📝 ​​Paragraph 3 and 4: Why You

Next, make these next two paragraphs about why they should choose you. Get specific. Why have you’ve chosen law? Why is this role is right? What experience you have in the practice area? Highlight the best qualities, skills and experience from your CV that make you a good candidate. Make your personal selling points fit with the job requirements.


A final point: General ‘looking for a challenge’ comments don’t stand out. Every job has challenges. Get specific and make sure every sentence in your cover letter is relevant to the job.


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Any other cover letter tips you’d add?

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