The Done List

5 minutes

Got a job appraisal or an interview coming up?

Create your "Done List" and boost your legal career 🚀

Legal careers move fast. Cases, clients, courtrooms and billable hours all keep you busy. But it’s really worthwhile to keep a quick log of your career accomplishments.

Even if you don’t have time to reflect on the small and big wins straight away, your future self will thank you for keeping a regularly updated “Done List”. Here’s why:

  1. Advocating Your Value: Referring to tangible contributions is more powerful than focusing on responsibilities. Did you win a challenging case? Lead a successful negotiation? Your "Done List" helps you see the impact your work has had.
  2. Confidence Booster: Job appraisals and interviews can be nerve-wracking, but your ‘Done List’ is a record of your successes and a reminder of what you’ve achieved.
  3. Data-Driven Discussions: Your “Done List” records your achievements with specific examples and metrics. Facts and data speak volumes! Having        your "Done List" is proof of your achievements.
  4. Strategic Career Planning: The "Done List" is not just retrospective; it's a tool for planning your next career move. Identify patterns in your successes, pinpoint areas you need to work on, and set goals for the future.
  5. The Career Move: Use your “Done List” to update your CV, advocate for yourself in a job interview, or win a pay rise.

Too often we lose track of what we’ve done over a year. Just using a spreadsheet or simple document where you regularly dump your accomplishments into it and add any context you may forget in the future.

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