The Bolton Hypnotism Ban

5 minutes

Bolton just had is about to have its first legal hypnotism show in decades.


The Hypnotism Act 1952 was created to protect the public from the dark art of hypnosis and mesmerism. It gave local authorities the responsibility to grant licences and oversee hypnotism performances within their jurisdictions.


Over the years, most councils got rid of this legislation or simply granted permission with little fuss. But not Bolton. Back in 1982, Bolton’s local council decided it would not hear applications for hypnotism shows. That meant hypnotists faced a total blanket ban on performing.


That was until this month, when Robert Temple decided to challenge the council on their blanket ban of hypnotism performances so he could perform his comedy show at the Bolton Albert Halls.


His four-page application went before a council who were keen to get rid of this arcane rule and not have more hypnotists come before them again. So, the blanket ban has now been lifted at the 11th hour and the performance can go on.


So, what’s changed? Robert Temple himself has a track record of safe shows and is a member of the Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists (POSH). So really, this is modern entertainment facing an outdated local law. He was simply the one who had to challenge the ban or risk not performing. Thankfully, local councillors didn’t need much persuading.


So, have you ever been hypnotised?

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