The 2023 AI Boom

5 minutes

Did you predict the importance of Artificial Intelligence in 2023? 🔮


We first wrote about AI on LinkedIn back in 2020 asking whether artificial intelligence could replace a lawyer. What seemed like an out-there idea back then seems a lot closer to reality today.


But rather than replacing lawyers we’re seeing how AI is changing legal services and the lawyer job description. AI can now take on jobs in minutes that once took legal professionals hours, days, weeks or even months.


Its potential to use data to predict future outcomes is already proving invaluable for case strategy and looking at ways to avoid litigation. It looks like it will also make some legal services more accessible to more people.

That’s the plus side.


The negative side has been how AI has pushed its way into everyday life without the legal protections in place to stop it being misused. It’s another reminder that the law has a lot of catching up to do to support our digital society.


In 2024, we’re likely to see copyright infringement cases try to answer legal questions around AI content generators. The recent EU AI Act is a draft law that’s also likely to form a framework in 2024 for how AI is used and where blame lies when it’s misused and causes harm. And in the UK, there are plans for a regulation road map on AI practices.


What do you predict could be the big law story of 2024?