The 'Working from home' Bubble

5 minutes

Has the ‘work from home’ bubble burst in the legal sector? 🏠

The home working revolution brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is currently facing a pushback. We’re regularly seeing headlines about law firms who want staff to return to the office and even monitoring office entry and exit.

Some firms argue a return to in-person work means better client relations, more collaboration, better communication and the need for effective training for more junior staff. So, what does this pushback mean?

For some, it’s meant a slow creeping up of time in the office. What was once predominantly working from home is now more of a mix, with maybe over 50% spent in the office. For others, there’s been a definite shift in policy demanding a minimum time in the office.

But even if the ‘work from home’ bubble has burst, it’s clear from our perspective as legal recruiters that the legal landscape won’t return to the pre-pandemic norms. Hybrid working and advances in legal technology continue to emerge as solutions to increasing work flexibility and adapting to the growing needs of legal practice.

Plus, flexible working is often seen a a priority for lawyers looking to move firms, so enforcing an office-only working environment may mean missing out on recruiting top talent.

Many law firms are learning how to adapt and embrace a more dynamic way of working, and working from home still has its place.  

Do you work from home all the time? Have some flexibility? Or do you prefer being in the office?