Size Isn't Everything

5 Mins

Keeping an eye out for new job opportunities right now??"

Big pay packets, big bonuses, big offices - ah the allure of the large corporations hoping to woo you to come work for them.

But don’t ignore the small companies. What they lack in size, they can make up for in other ways, and you could be the perfect fit.

Here’s five big reasons to work for smaller businesses:

1. Direct access to decision makers

It’s much easier to get things done when you don’t have layers of management to get through first. Also, you can make much more of an impact when you work directly with those in charge.

2. Less red tape

Rules can be set in stone in a large firm, making it frustrating to navigate a project through the right channels. But at a small firm you can go directly to the source so solving problems and completing projects is a much smoother process.   

3. Quicker moves up the career ladder

It’s harder to get noticed and work your way up the ranks in a large firm. You’re much more likely to find opportunities to impress and get handed new roles with greater responsibilities.

4. Flexibility

Love working directly with clients? Want your role to shift direction? Hoping to be free to work from home some of the time? The chances are a small company can make quicker decisions and be more adaptable.

5. Valuable business skills

At a large company there could be entire departments you don’t interact with. But it’s much more likely to be “all hands on deck” at a small firm. This is a great way to develop your business experience. Plus, if you have a good relationship with your boss, they could become a mentor.

So when you’re next browsing those job adverts it’s worth looking past the flashy offers and big names and checking out some smaller companies too.

Written by Jason Connolly