Share the Success

3 Mins

How much do you enjoy seeing others succeed at work?

Often, we view success as money and promotions. If you work somewhere with this attitude, the chances are you see someone else’s achievements as a knockback for you.

Afterall, what’s in it for you?

But a big factor to personal success is how much you support others along the way. When you help others succeed, they, in turn, help you.

Here are 3 quick tips for helping yourself succeed by doing it for others:

Get personal

Invest time in finding out about people’s lives. Care about their families, their interests, their hobbies. When you pay attention and genuinely care about people, they will do absolutely anything to have your back when you need them.

Sharing is caring

Share knowledge. Share your network. Share resources. It’s tempting to want to keep the good stuff to yourself, but the more you bring others along for the ride, the more you widen your network, increase everyone’s learning, and gain fantastic new opportunities along the way.

Inspiration works better than motivation

You can motivate someone with money. But you can inspire them through repeated encouragement, genuine support, and constructive feedback. This is a better long-term strategy that leads to you coming across as a natural leader and keeps a team striving for success.

Another person’s success doesn’t mean there’s less of left for you. In the end, you don’t earn brownie points by stealing someone else’s chocolate brownies. There’s plenty of success treats to go around!