Perfect vs Perfect

3 Mins

>> Perfect can be the enemy of progress.

Is it perfect? Let’s debate it for six months and don’t do anything in case the answer is no.

Alternatively, when you get something that’s good, but you’re not sure it’s perfect, put it out into the world anyway and test it.

Yep, we prefer the second option here.

It’s a problem that seems to get worse the bigger a company is. More layers of management get to voice an opinion, more reasons to doubt, more problems to throw into the mix.

Great bold visions get watered down to something generic.

Actions that aren’t perfect but have good outcomes end up not happening at all.

Sometimes a simple question gets turned into a complex issue the further up the chain it goes.

It’s frustrating and a killer for creativity and progress.

Sure, perfection matters in some instances. We don’t want to hear a surgeon declaring “yeh, it’s not perfect but it’s good enough.” But the people and companies who thrive are ones who are great communicators and doers. They don’t sit around talking about whether something will work or not. They try it out.

Even perfect ideas fail in practice.

But good enough can mean you test it, tweak it, and make it amazing.

It can mean acting on ideas quickly.

It can mean more money. 

Written by Jason Connolly