Motivation Matching

3 minutes

What motivates lawyers to join and then stay at a law firm?

If you’re part of the recruitment process at your law firm, it’s important you know the answer. Staff retention means understanding why people might choose to resign (it’s rarely just the salary) and focus on ensuring your organisation’s motivators and values match those of the lawyers you want to hire. Building a dream team for the future is a long-term goal that should go beyond salary as the only motivator. 

So don’t miss the opportunity to sell the benefits, culture and long-term goals of your company to candidates. The candidates whose values align with the firms are a lot more likely to choose you and become a valuable legal mind for your company. 

You’re competing with other companies, and candidates may well be interviewing and interested in more than your firm. So, it’s wise to know the salary expectations, other offers they may have and what roles they are interviewing for. An interviewee won’t tell you every detail, but an idea of the industry and offer is valuable information. But make sure you use the interview to really understand what motivates the candidate to come to you. 

Is it flexible hours? 

Career progression? 

Exciting legal cases? 

Ensure your candidates get a sense of the wider business goals, meet other team members and managers, and can develop a rapport with you. 

Then, when you’re ready to send them a detailed offer, there’s a much better chance they’ll say yes. 

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