Mastering Salary Negotiations

5 minutes

How much should you earn in your new job? 💰

No matter how experienced we are, negotiating salary can easily trip us up. So think of it like you would a legal case. It’s time to gather the information you need and work out your strategy. 

When you start a new job, the salary negotiation is crucial because it sets a benchmark for your future earnings. If you don’t negotiate at all, you may feel unhappy with the outcome you accepted. 

Instead, go on your fact-finding mission. Gather everything you can about the current market and find out what pay category you fit into based on people with similar experience and education as you get paid. 

Another tip is to be prepared to defend the value you bring and back it up with facts. Draw on your experience, numbers, positive case outcomes and previous feedback to support your case. 

Listen to what you’re being offered and the reasons behind it and see where you have room for counteroffers. Their negotiations may include perks or bonuses you’re not as interested in as others. Whether it’s stock options, flexibility, promotion opportunities, training – know the perks you value most. 

Then finally, after listening to what they have to say, take your time to weigh up the decision. Don’t be rushed into an instant decision if you’re still unsure. 

How easy do you find salary negotiations?

Let us know what worked for you. ⬇️