Legal Injustice on TV

5 minutes

Have you watched ITV’s drama “Mr Bates vs The Post Office”?


If so, it’s hard not to be outraged at the injustice it portrays. The response of the audience to the show has had such an impact that it’s been making headlines across the country and leading the news agenda for days.


It's pretty amazing to see the power one show can have in influencing governments and turning a spotlight on our justice system.   


It shows how TV shows can be more than just a source of entertainment. They can become catalysts for change, spark new social movements and, as we’ve seen with the show “Mr Bates vs The Post Office”, the national outcry can push politicians to get the slow wheels of justice to roll a lot faster—especially in an election year! 🚀📜


We’ve seen similar things happen over the pond in the US with "Making a Murderer" shedding light on flaws in the criminal justice system and "The People v. O.J. Simpson" revisiting a high-profile trial.


It’s interesting that the post office Horizon scandal has been in the news many times before and there’s been books, podcasts, and plenty of interviews with former sub postmasters who became a victim of this mass injustice. But it’s this new drama which has had a powerful ripple effect all the way to the top. Audiences are not just binge-watching a good drama. They're putting pressure on lawmakers and companies to address systemic issues and becoming advocates for change. It’s impressive stuff!


Have you been following the post office Horizon scandal?

Any other shows on injustice that have left a lasting impression on you?