Know Your USP

5 Minutes

Do you know your unique selling point (USP)?


Most law firms have marketing and branding specialists who help them identify their USP. But whether you’re a graduate looking for a training contract or an experienced lawyer looking for the next career move, it pays to identify your personal USP when you’re looking for job opportunities.


Knowing your value and how to pitch it is important. It’s easy to scour job adverts and conclude “there’s nothing here for me”. But often we have law firms who want to hear from us when significant talents come on the market. So, highlight your key skill or experience that will get you noticed.


Just like companies do, work out what qualities you have that make you stand out from the competition. Think about the skills and tasks you naturally excel in. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Be the right lawyer for the law firm, or company, you want to work for.


Often, firms are trying to get a team of people who bring different skills with them. But don’t simply list skills. Your USP is about offering something distinct and appealing that benefits the company. So put the focus on how choosing you benefits them.


And get in touch if you’re a lawyer looking to make a move.