Kim K the Lawyer

2 Mins

When Kim Kardashian announced she was becoming a lawyer, everyone jeered and mocked her for it.

We don’t associate reality TV stars who like to break the internet with sexy snaps as people to take seriously when they make such announcements. 

But perhaps we should.

But her decision came after she helped convince Donald Trump to commute grandmother Alice Marie Johnson’s lifetime prison sentence for a drug crime. She felt out of her depth but loved that she'd helped someone.

"I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it,” Kim told Vogue, “And if I knew more, I could do more.”

But critics go beyond simply arguing she doesn’t look the part. Kim doesn’t have an undergraduate degree and California is one of the few US states where you don’t have to study at law school before you take the bar exam. So, some think she’ll be less qualified even if she passes the final bar exam.

But a lot of the initial critics just wanted Kim to stay in her lane. Heaven forbid a woman can be sexy and rich but also smart and care about justice!

And, thanks to lots of Instagram snaps documenting her progress, she’s having quite the influence on Google searches.

From the moment she publicly declared she was studying law, searches for law school-related phrases increased massively. And when she revealed she’d passed the baby bar, searches for “baby bar exam” blew up by 9900% on the same day.

Move over Elle Woods, here comes Kim Kardashian!

Written by Jason Connolly