Job Search Priorities

5 minutes

🔎 Do you know what you’re looking for in a job?


Sometimes we focus on an attractive salary and let that sway our judgement. If you want to be sure your next move is the right one, you need to look beyond the pay packet.


Legal careers often come with tight deadlines, a heavy workload and the pressure of billable hours. While an increase in salary may be key, it’s important to know what else you’re looking for from your next career move.


So, where to start? First, be clear about what you want from your next career move:


  • Are you looking for more flexibility?
  • A shorter commute?
  • Greater challenges?
  • More interesting cases?
  • Training and mentorship?
  • A path to partnership?
  • A change in direction?


Write down your priorities. Then, delve into the job description. Do your skills match up? Does it really offer the opportunities you’re looking for? Is it a job that excites you?


Next, do a deep online dive into the company themselves. Read blogs, watch talks by the partners, check them out on LinkedIn, find out how the company and their management talk about themselves and how they position themselves in the industry. Do your values align?


If you can, connect with someone who works there or used to work there. This might be through networking. It’s good to get insider information on the firm and how they operate behind the public image. They may also help you know more about the advertised role.


This research helps narrow your search down to jobs worth your time applying for and increases your chances of interview selection. It also stops you wasting time working on your cover letter and CV for a job you ultimately don’t want.


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