Jackie Chan's Rules For Success

5 Mins

Want some inspiration today?

Forget Bill Gates, Michelle Obama or Nelson Mandela.

Jackie Chan knows a thing or two about winning!

Here are Jackie Chan’s Top 10 rules for success and the JMC take on how to apply them to work

1. Be yourself.

Don’t put on a work persona. Your peers and clients want to connect to a person, not a company image. Be your authentic self and let your personality shine.

2. Do it your own way.

Forge your own career path and don’t wait for others to see your potential.

3. Learn from your audience.

Ask your customers what they want, don’t presume you already know. Do it often, and then act on the feedback.

4. Work hard.

But don’t do it purely for recognition from others or fall into overworking. Put the effort in to reach your own goals and values.

5. Do it while you are young.

You have more freedom and a healthy dose of naivety to make bold career moves when you’re young. Take a risk now!

6. It's not all about the money.

Work for a good life. Money plays a part but finding your flow and doing what matters to you is key to a fulfilling career.

7. Be different.

When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up fading into the background. Look at what your competitors are doing and what they’re not doing, then offer a better alternative.

8. Do the best you can.

We’re not perfect all the time. Play to your strengths and invest in improving your weaknesses by learning from others.

9. Keep your promises.

Don’t over promise and under deliver. Flip that around and go beyond expectations for loyalty and respect.

10. Have mentors.

The greatest gift in a career is the right work mentor. Someone who invests their time and knowledge in making you better is priceless.