In-house lawyers should do small talk

5 minutes

💬 How good are you at small talk? That quick casual chat.


If the idea of small talk repels you, that’s understandable. It’s not exactly a trait necessary for being a top lawyer at a law firm. After all, law firms are all about billable hours and a book of business ready to go.


But if you’re moving in-house, different skills come into play. For in-house lawyers it isn’t just about your legal knowledge, but your ability to connect well with clients and colleagues. You can’t just presume your legal work will speak for you.


That means small talk matters when you work as an in-house lawyer. Those casual chats over coffee or lunch build trust and make you likeable. Without the ability to communicate effectively and harness this soft skill, you could lose valuable business opportunities and damage corporate interests.


Keeping things affable and friendly also encourages better access to your legal expertise and helps shake off the idea that an in-house lawyer is there to scupper business goals with legal issues.


Small talk doesn’t have to be seen as just idle chit-chat. Instead, view it as laying the groundwork for deeper, more valuable conversations in the future. Many businesses are built on this very skill. Who knows where your first conversation might lead?


Do you like or hate small talk?