In-house Insights

5 minutes

⚖️ Does your legal career plan include working in-house?


Time spent working in an in-house legal role can give you a unique perspective into client delivery and business dynamics. So, when you’re looking at your legal career path, going in-house is worth considering.


Here are some insights into what to expect with an in-house legal role:


  1. No two days are the same and no two legal issues are the same either. The variety is part of the job and requires you to be reactive and adaptable. Anything could come across your desk!
  2. Unsure which practice area you’re most suited to? As in-house counsel you get an insight into which practice areas play to your strengths and interests.
  3. Your legal function will be pivotal to the business, not just in giving advice but as a strategic partner navigating key business objectives.
  4. Positive working relationships are a vital part of your in-house role. You’re not just there for your analytical skills but how well you work collaboratively.
  5. Influence and trust are vital to make a success of your in-house role. Your legal advice needs to be clear so fantastic communication skills are vital.


Your in-house experience gives you a valuable corporate perspective into how to improve the client experience. This deeper understanding of commercial dynamics can sharpen your skills as a lawyer.


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