In-house Detective Work

5 minutes

Found the first in-house legal job you’re interested in?

It’s time to start investigating. 🔎

There’s a big difference between candidates who try to bluff their way through with a quick internet search into a company, and those who have researched the company, the industry sector and the job role.

Companies are looking for candidates who, even at the CV stage, can show a level of commitment.

Here are some quick tips on starting your research into an in-house legal role:


  1. Visit the company website and delve into any blogs or insights on there.
  2. Find out the new stories related to the industry and consider setting up an email alert so you get the latest industry news in your inbox.
  3. Research their competitors and learn what the challenges and regulatory requirements might be.
  4. Question any contacts you have in the industry.
  5. Scope out the legal team: It’s a good idea to research those who may be there at interview on LinkedIn and get an idea of their background and experience.


After doing all that, it’s time to turn the investigation onto yourself. 👀

Be ready to talk, potentially at length, about the roles and skills you’ve put on your CV. Know how you want to answer the question: “Why do you want to move in-house to this firm?”

It’s easy to spot the candidates who have put thought into their reasons for going in-house and put time into researching the company. Those are the candidates who land the jobs.

Check out our latest in-house jobs on our website and call us if you’re interested in looking at in-house roles.