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Fancy getting married in the middle aisle at Aldi?

Although that might be possible in some countries, England and Wales have long placed limits on where you can get legally wed. Until now.

The Law Commission now recommends weddings should be possible anywhere, providing the official presiding over the nuptials considers it safe and dignified.

Key parts of our current wedding laws date back to 1836, so the changes would certainly be more modern and bring us more in line with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey.

These changes would get rid of the need to choose a registered wedding venue, choose between a religious or civil ceremony with restrictions affecting some beliefs and reduce complexities which can cause delays and put people off getting married.

The reforms would also allow civil weddings to be conducted by authorised officiants and they would be legally responsible for the wedding - unlike now where it’s centred around the location.

If the government takes up these recommendations by the Law Commission to relax wedding rules, beaches, theme parks and, at a push, possibly even supermarkets could become wedding venues. Cruise ship Captains would also be allowed to conduct legally recognised wedding ceremonies.

Where would be the worst place for a wedding ceremony?

Written by Jason Connolly