Hunchback To The Future

3 Mins

Want to meet your future self?

After reading this, you might wish you hadn’t!

Back in January we wrote about Emma the workplace doll – a 2019 prediction of how an office worker might typically look in 2039. It wasn’t flattering. Hunched, pale and half blind thanks to artificial lighting, poor air quality and a life spent mostly sitting down.

Now, there’s a new 3D–generated vision of our future selves at work. Her name is Mindy and she has been created based on the typical American’s current use of technology and how that might affect our physical development. The result is a potential vision of our future selves in the year 3000 and beyond.

Like a blockbuster movie sequel, Mindy has some things in common with Emma the doll, but a lot more exaggerated and less believable.

Like Emma, Mindy has a very hunched back. But this AI prediction adds in second eyelids  to protect against artificial light, a claw hand and a permanent 90° elbow from holding mobile phones. Just to add to the misery, Mindy also has a smaller brain.

For every ailment, there’s an expert to explain why this might happen. A future not dependent on strength and intelligence, but on technology. But, as with all future predictions, this is a lot of guesswork based on today’s technology sticking around. Not likely, but probably best we take a few more screen breaks at least.

You may now have the urge to stand up and stretch that back out. It’s probably a good idea!

Take a look at the dolls.

Written by Jason Connolly